We make it easy for non-bank money transfer operators and liquidity providers to tech-up, scale and streamline any remittance and FX business needs.

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FX TechUP Suite for digital remittance and FX services

Our FX TechUP Suite has everything you need to easily scale your operational and customer-facing remittance and FX business needs.

White Label

Make it your own

Liquidity Providers Connect

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Integrate to innovate

White Label

Make our white-label remittance solutions your own

Your brand, your process, your rates.

White label remittance solutions are a smart way to upgrade your technology to drive new and better business outcomes at scale, all in a dramatically time and cost-efficient manner.

Available as: Client portal, admin portal, mobile app and more. 

Focus on scaling your business.

Focus on building your brand, your core business and selling your services. Simplify customer acquisition and experience with our white label solutions.

Best for: New entrants or existing remittance businesses looking to tech-up or to expand their line of products and services.

Be a forward-thinking FX business. Be part of our FX TechUP network.

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Liquidity Providers Connect

Partner together

Create and shop for FX orders.

With a free-to-access account, Liquidity Providers Connect lets you perform wholesale trading with other licensed liquidity partners that we have screened and onboarded so you can timely manage shortfall or surplus of currencies with peace of mind.

On-demand settlement.

Perform on-demand settlement across more currency options.

For a seamless experience, the platform is designed to ensure better communication and accountability for responsible transactions.

The best part — invite and onboard your network of agents to Liquidity Providers Connect so you no longer need to manage multiple tools for multi-currency on-demand settlement.

Best for: Remittance partners looking to expand their network

Did we mention?

We work with established and reputable regional liquidity partners when building Liquidity Providers Connect.

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Expand your depth and breadth in currency corridors, increase business opportunities and better manage your FX risk.


Integrate to innovate

Increase your business opportunities

Integrating online-driven remittance products and services has never been easier. Introduce a digital wallet to complement your B2B or B2C customer needs or create FX orders to manage settlement within your existing tools.

Why miss out on optimising business opportunities and customer experience when it is easy to integrate our APIs to become an agile and competent business.

Add missing remittance offerings to your workflow